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Wholesale Terms

Order Minimums

$300 minimum purchase for first order and re-orders.

  • Made-to-order purchases require a non-refundable 50% deposit. Balance must be paid upon shipment. Please allow up to 12-14 weeks for delivery.
  • In-stock and pre-order purchases must be paid in full before shipment.
  • MZ does not dropship, no exceptions.

*Coupons, discounts and sales do not apply to our wholesale accounts.


Order Subtotal - Domestic Wholesale Shipping Cost *
$0-500 ---- $30
$500.01-1000 ---- $40
$1000.01-1500 ---- $50
$1500.01+ ------ FREE

(*standard rates apply for shipping to Hawaii / Alaska)  
(There is a $10 fee to split any shipment)
International Wholesale Shipping Cost
Calculated shipping by USPS + $25 international handling charge.

Images + Content

Upon request, we are happy to provide product shots of the items in your order and images of the artisans that created your items. If you are in need of other marketing material, we will provide this at our discretion.

All MZ photos may only be used on another private webpage (no third party sites) or in print with express permission and when credited. All photos can be shared on social media without express permission but only when the MZ brand is given credit and tagged when applicable.

  • MZ written content may not be used without express permission and credit given to the MZ brand.

Online Retailer Terms

In addition to Wholesale Terms:

  • Stockists wishing to sell online must provide MZ with the current URL of the online shop.

    MZ products may not be sold on any 3rd party sites (Facebook, Instagram, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.)

    Products may not be sold for less than the current retail price listed on the MZ website, with exceptions for short-term sales.

    It must be clear and transparent that the items for sale on your online store are MZ products, with no mislead that they are your own. This includes:

    • keeping the original names of the items
    • mentioning our brand name in all listings
    • not altering the story behind the products

    We enforce this to maintain the integrity of the artisans behind the work. We reserve the right to determine when and if this standard is not being met.


We honor area exclusivity within a three-mile radius for stores that have placed an order within the last six months. If there is a new account inquiry within that three-mile radius and the existing account has not met this requirement, we will contact the existing account and allow five business days to respond.

  • We honor complete zip code exclusivity for stores that order at least $5k/ per year. Complete zip code exclusivity will be granted once that requirement has been met.
  • POP-UP SHOPS: To support our area exclusivity terms, we must pre-approve the sale of MZ goods at Pop-Up Shops or any other temporary markets. Simply contact us with the name and address of the shop/event.


No MZ product may be private labeled.

No MZ product may be altered without express permission.

  • MZ brand policy is that all items sold must retain their original hang tag. Retailer hang tags and other merchandising material should be in addition to those of MZ.

*Violation of any of the above terms may result in the revocation of permission to sell MZ, loss of wholesale status and the termination of the account.