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Sustainable + Natural Fibers

The vast majority of the goods we produce are made primarily with wool. As a natural part of the carbon cycle, wool is one of earth’s most sustainable materials. In addition to the light footprint of wool’s creation, it is a quality and durable fiber, which means that wool lasts longer and requires less laundering than other textiles. Wool is also one of the most recycled fibers, and eventually, at the end of its life, it is one of the most biodegradable.



Our products are all handmade throughout the entire process. From preparing and dyeing the wool, to hand-weaving, and finally to sewing and assembly. Compared to industrial and factory production, the waste produced in their creation is negligible.


Fair Trade

Fair trade practices address the hurdles that many producers face, offers support during production, and seeks to find consumers for their goods. As a result, it is the craftsperson who truly benefits from the sale. Fair trade products can be more expensive than their conventional counterparts because of the fair wage given to the producer, and it takes discerning consumers to make fair trade a working model.


Indigenous Design

The purpose of MZ is to perpetuate the beautiful artistry of the designers, makers, and artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico by connecting them with socially conscious consumers around the globe. We recognize the significant role that weaving plays in maintaining and celebrating the incredible Zapotec artisanal lineage. We believe it is essential that Zapotec communities are able to pass down the meaning behind the traditional Zapotec symbols, and with it, their connections to their ancestors and the natural world.